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S.NoName of the FacultyDepartmentName of the BookName of the PublisherYear of Publication
1Dr.S.Christian JohnsonCIVILIrrigation & Water ResourcesDipti Press2021
2Dr.K.M.GopalakrishnanCIVILStrength of Materials –IIThakur Publication Pvt Ltd2019
3Dr.S.Arulmozhi & L.PeriyasamyCIVILConcrete TechnologyThakur Publication Pvt Ltd2019
4Dr.P.Mageshkumar & Dr.S.ArulmozhiCIVILRecent Trends in Environmental Science Volume - 3AkiNik Publications2019
5Dr.S.Arulmozhi & Dr.P.MageshkumarCIVILAdvances in Civil Engineering Volume – 2AkiNik Publications2019
6Dr.S.Christian JohnsonCIVILConcrete TechnologyDipti Press (OPC) Pvt.Ltd2019
7Dr.S.Christian JohnsonCIVILConstruction MaterialsChess Educational Publishers2018
8Dr.S.Christian JohnsonCIVILMechanics of solidsSCI Tech Publishers2018
9Dr.S.Christian JohnsonCIVILConstruction Techniques, Equipment and PracticeSCI Tech Publishers2018
10Dr.S.Christian JohnsonCIVILIrrigation and Water Resources EngineeringDipti Press2019
11Dr.S.Christian JohnsonCIVILRepair and Rehabilitation of Structures (Under Print)Dipti Press2019
12Dr.S.NavaneethakrishnanITGreen Materials and Advanced manufacturing technology - concept and applications - (Book Chapter)Chapter -8- Experimental Investigation and optimization of EDM Process parameters on Ti-6Al-4vAlloy using taguchi based GRA and modeling by RSM(CRC -Press)Taylor and Francis group2021
13Dr.M.PandianMechThe artificial based digital twin technology Electric vehicle-(Book Chapter Title)-Internet of Things enabled smart electronic vehicle management systemAIDTEV-Wiley2021
14Dr.S.SelviITData AnalyticsSuchitra Publishers2020
15Dr.G.RevathyCSEInternet ProgrammingMaya Publishers2020
16Dr.G.Revathy,Dr.S.SaravananCSEMobile ComputingMaya Publishers2020
17Dr.S.SelviITCryptography And Network SecuritySuchitra Publishers2020
18Dr.G.Revathy,Mrs.N.S.KavithaCSEMachine LearningMaya Publishers2020
19Dr.G.Revathy Dr.S.SaravananCSECloud ComputingMaya Publishers2020
21Mrs.R.UmapriyaCHEMICALReview on Electrochemical EngineeringLULU Publications (Online)2021
22Dr.S.SelviITA Novel Hybrid Chaotic Map–Based Proactive RSA Cryptosystem in Block chainTaylor & Francis (Online)2020
23Mr. L. Vijay Anand, Mr. S. Vijayanand, Mr. R. Senthil KumarEEEMeasurements and Instrumentation Short Questions and AnswersLambert Academic Publishing2018
24Dr. P. SelvanEEECircuit Theory (Regulation 2017)Charulatha Publications2019
25Dr. P. SelvanEEEBasic Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Regulation-2017)Charulatha Publications2019
26Dr. P. SelvanEEEFundamentals of Electromagnetic fieldsLambert Academic Publishing2019
27Mr. L. Vijay Anand, Mr. S. VijayanandEEELinear Integrated Circuits & ApplicationsLambert Academic Publishing2019
28Mr. S. P. DwarakeshEEEAn Overview of Transmission & DistributionLambert Academic Publishing2019
29Mr. L.Vijay Anand, Mr. S.Vijayanand, Mr. E.Immanuvel Bright, Mr. R.Senthil KumarEEENew Bridgeless Single Phase AC-DC power factor correction rectifiers on CUK and SEPIC topologyMangalam Publications2020
30Mrs. S.TamilSelviEEEApplication of multi agent system in Power system Engineeringintech. Open (Online)2020
31Mr. L.Vijay Anand, Mr. S.Vijayanand,Mr. E.Immanuvel Bright,Mr. R.Senthil KumarEEESensor less BLDC Motor with reduced commutation torque ripples using DTC techniqueLambert Academic Publishing2019
32Mr. S.P.DwarakeshEEEBasics An Overview of Transmission and DistributionLambert Academic Publishing2019
33Mr. G.Gunasekarn,Dr.R.Muthukumar,Mr. L.AnbarasuEEESemiconductor Devices and ApplicationsLambert Academic Publishing2019
34Dr.T.S.SenthilPHYSICSEngineering Physics-ISCM publisher2018
35Dr.T.S.SenthilPHYSICSEngineering Physics-IISCM publisher2018
36Dr.N.M.GanesanPHYSICSMaterials scienceThakur Publication2018

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