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Statutory Body & Committees

Student Grievances and Redressal Cell

Functions and Responsibilities of Discipline and welfare committee are  as below

  • Reviewing the Institution rules for student behavior and its policy and practices in relation to discipline.
  • Supporting the development of strategies designed to promote and encourage good student behavior.
  • To ensure the implementation of necessary action for in-disciplinary activity of the student.
  • To examine the various measures taken for the welfare of employees/ students and to recommend any further improvements, if required.

Student Welfare and Discipline Committee

Name and AddressPresent DesignationPositionMobile Number
Dr. V. Venkatachalam,PrincipalChairman9442132706
43, Power House Street,
Erode-638 001.
Dr. S. Senthilvelavan,Director / First yearMember9865279443
VCV Nagar, RS Road,
Perundurai/638 052.
Dr. P. G. Palanimani,Prof &Head / MathematicsMember9486783867
33, Teachers colony, Bhavani Road,
Perundurai 638 052.
Dr. P. Akilamudhan,Head / ChemicalMember9944816559
562, Lakshmi Nagar,
Vasavi College (Po),
Erode -638 316.
Dr. P. Selvan,Head / EEEMember9443931103
140/4, Sri Maya Avenue,
Perundurai 638 052.
Dr. R. Kalaivani,Prof / ECEMember9788619489
11/83, North street, Thudupathi / 638 057.

Anti – Ragging Squad

Under Anti-Ragging Cell, Anti-Ragging Squad is formed to keep a vigil and stop the incidences of Ragging, if any, happening / reported in the places of Student gathering places including, Classrooms, Canteens, Buses, Grounds, Hostels etc.

The Squad will also educate the students at large by adopting various means about the menace of Ragging and related Punishments there to. Many positive activities are adopted by anti-ragging squad for orienting students and moulding their personality for making ragging free environment. They shall work in Consonance and Guidance by the anti-ragging cell.

Anti-Ragging Squad

Name and AddressDesignationPositionMobileNumber
Dr. V. Venkatachalam,PrincipalChairman/Head of the Committee94421-32706
Mrs.MesoothabegaumInspector of Police, PerunduraiPolice Administration914294-220548
Mr. Pallavi ParamasivamSocial Worker, PerunduraiNGO Representative95780-51611
Dr. Christian JohnsonProf/CivilMember98654-26597
Dr. P.G. Palanimani,Professor / MathematicsMember94867-83867
Dr. S. SenthivelavanDirector / First yearMember98652-79443
Dr. P.Selvan , HoD/EEEMember94439-31103
Prof. T. Maris Murugan, Associate Warden/Gents HostelMember87780-91914
Prof.M.S.Devimani ,AP/MathematicsMember99428-95716
Mr.P.Marimuthu, Director of Physical EducationMember93442-29495

Anti – Ragging Committee

An Anti-Ragging Committee is functioning in the College to ensure the requirements stipulated by the Supreme Court of India and subsequent notification from University Grants Commission. The Anti-Ragging Cell oversees for the following incidences in the College campus and ensures ragging free study environment.

  • Any act of indiscipline, teasing or handling with rudeness.
  • Any act that prevents/disrupts the regular academic activity.
  • Any activity which is likely to cause annoyance, hardship, psychological harm or creates fear or apprehension.
  • Any act of financial extortion or forceful expenditure.
  • Any act of physical abuse causing assault, harm or danger to health.
  • Any Act of abuse by spoken words, e-mails, SMS or public insult etc.
  • Any Act of injury or infringement of the fundamental rights to the human dignity.
  • Any act of wrongful confinement, kidnapping, molesting or committing unnatural offences, use of criminal forces, trespass or intimidation.
  • Any unlawful assembly or conspiracy to ragging

Anti – Ragging Committee – Members and Meeting Minutes

Transport Cell

There is a separate transport cell functioning in the college. 30 buses are operated from various places like Anthiyur, Erode, Tirupur, Sankari, Kodumudi, Athani, Sathyamangalam, Palladam, Mettur, Edapadi, Tiruchengode etc., to facilitate students and staff-members from various places in and around 80 kms radial distance.

Free shuttle trip is pressed into service to drop the students and staff at Perundurai bus stand at 6.30 pm daily. Ambulance service is available to meet out the medical emergency requirements of students and staff.

A tractor and a multi utility vehicle are available for fulfilling the time to time requirements.

Further, vehicles are in operation to provide the transport facilities to the guests visiting the campus now and then.

Nearest Railway Junction: Erode Junction (20Kms)

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore (70Kms)

Members of the Transport Cell 


S. No.Name of the StaffRole
1Mr. M. BalakrishnanTransport Manager
2Mr. N. Senthil KumarTransport in-charge

Estate Office

The estate office looks after upkeeping of infra structure facilities, ongoing construction works, supplying furniture to the Staff and maintains the campus and keeps it clean.

Members of Estate Office

S. No.Name of the StaffRole
1Thiru. V. AnnaduraiPresident
2Thiru. G KamalamuruganCorrespondent
3Thiru. S.N. ThangarajuSecretary
4Dr. V. VenkatachalamPrincipal
5Dr. K. M. GopalakrishnanCampus Director
6Dr. P. SelvanInfrastructure Coordinator
7Mr.R.KavibharathiCampus Incharge

Common Purchase Committee

 All major purchases from the societies / amenities account in the college is routed through the purchase committee that discuss the requirement and channelize the purchases through all approved mechanism with the order of Principal. The responsibilities of the Common Purchase Committee are as below 

  • To take indents from the Departments/Committees/ Faculty etc. against requirement
  • To maintain credibility and transparency in all transaction
  • To supervise all the purchases made in the campus
  • To frame necessary guidelines for exercising its powers judiciously
  • To submit the report on purchases made semester wise to the academic council / Governing body

Common Purchase Committee 

S. No.NameDesignationPosition
1Thiru.V. AnnaduraiPresident Chair person
2Thiru. G. KamalamuruganCorrespondentChairperson
3Thiru. S. N. ThangarajuSecretaryCo-Chairperson
4Dr. V. VenkatachalamPrincipalHead
5HoDs of all departmentsMembers
6In-charge of all laboratoriesMembers
7Mr. M. ShajahanManagerMember

Planning and Evaluation Committee

Thiru. V. Annadurai PresidentManagement
Thiru. G. KamalamuruganCorrespondentManagement
Thru. S. N. Thangaraju SecretaryManagement
Dr. V. Venkatachalam PrincipalChairperson
Dr. S. Christian JohnsonDirector academicsMember
Dr. Y. RobinsonHOD/RAMember
Dr. K. M. GopalakrishananHOD/CIVILMember
Dr. G. Sivakumar HOD/CSEMember
Dr. M. P. ThiruvenkatasureshHOD/ITMember
Dr. G. Saravanan HOD/AIDSMember
Dr. P. Selvan HOD/EEEMember
Dr. S. Bharathidasan HOD/ECEMember
Prof. Maris Murugan HOD/E&IMember
Mr. K. BalasubramaniamHOD/BMEMember
Dr. N. Saravanan HOD/MECHMember
Dr. P. Akilamudhan HOD/CHEMICALMember
Dr. T. UsharaniAsso.Prof/ CHEMICALMember
Dr. M. Thangavel HOD/CAMember
Dr. R. Ravi Shankar HOD/MBAMember
Dr. S. Senthilvelavan DIRECTOR/FIRST YEARMember
Ms. K. Maheswari LIBRARIANMember
Mr. P. Marimuthu PHYSICAL DIRECTORMember

Internal Compliance Committee

As per the guidelines of UGC, NAAC and the Supreme Court, a Anti Sexual Harassment Committee has been established by the College to ensure safety of the women leading to healthy and congenial atmosphere for promoting higher education to the staff and students of the College.

The roles and responsibilities are

  • To help women to realize their rights of freedom.
  • To treat sexual harassment as a misconduct and initiate punitive actions for such misconduct.
  • To assist the aggrieved woman to place the complaint.
  • To safeguard the one who is victimized.
  • To educate and train students about Sexual Harassment.
  • To evolve a mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender-based violence in the institution.
  • To promote a social and psychological environment that will raise awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms.
Internal Compliance Committee


Name and AddressDesignationPositionMobileNumber
Ms.T. Kalaiselvi,
Elavamalai post,
Erode – 638316.
Dr. R.Kalaivani
11 / 83, North Street , Thudupathi.
HoD/ECEChair Person9788619489
1257/4, M-Type,
Near Ambal Auto (Maruti Suzuki Car Showroom),
Koottapalli Colony (PO), Tiruchengode (TK),
Namakkal (Dt) - 637214.
ASP / CIVILMember8248144882
22, Kamarajar street,
Periyur post,
Erode- 638402

Internal Compliance Committee – Meeting Minutes

Library Committee:

 The functions of the Library Committee are as below

  • To formulate various policies related to Library like, Collection Development, Purchase, Space etc.
  • To provide library budget for the Institute and Departments
  • To propose library activities, programmes and services
  • To formulate knowledge and information archiving and management policy at the institute.

Library Committee

1Dr. V. VenkatachalamPrincipalChair Person
2Mrs. K. MaheswariLibrarianConvener
3Dr. S. Christian JohnsonDirector / AcademicsMember
4Dr. S. SenthilvelavanDirector / First YearMember
5Dr. T. S. SenthilDirector / R&DMember
6Dr. K.M.GopalakrishnanHead / CivilMember
7Dr. G. SivakumarHead / CSEMember
8Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkataSureshHead / ITMember
9Dr. G. SaravananHead / AI&DSMember
10Dr. N. SaravananHead / MechanicalMember
11Dr. Y. RobinsonHead /RoboticsMember
12Dr. P. SelvanHead / EEEMember
13Dr. P. AkilamudhanHead / ChemicalMember
14Dr. S. BharathidasanHead / ECEMember
15Mr. T. Maris MuruganHead / EIEMember
16Mr. K. BalasubramaniyamHead / BMEMember
17Dr. M. ThangavelHead / MCAMember
18Mr. A. RavishankarHead / MBAMember

Library Committee Meeting Minutes

Extra- Curricular Committee

 Extra – curricular committee in the college

  • Encourages the students to participate in various arts and sports activities
  • Provides an opportunity to the students to lit their imagination and provides them with the view to see things in a different way
  • Improves the imagination skill in Entertainment
  • Provides ample opportunities to develop talents in different forms of art like music, singing, dance, drama etc.
  • Helps the students to develop their leadership abilities
  • Organizes all the social and cultural activities of the Institute
  • Organizes various activities like Quizzes, Book Reviews, Debates, Group Discussions and etc.
  • Organizes all the sports events on and off the campus
  • Organizes club activities like fine arts club, literary club and etc.

Extra- Curricular Committee 

Dr. V. VenkatachalamPrincipalChairperson
Dr. M.ThangavelHead / CACo-Chairperson
Mr. P. MarimuthuPhysical Education DirectorConvener
Ms. S. PriyadharshiniPhysical Education DirectressMember
Dr. A. RavisankarHead / MBAMember
Mr. Solomon V. AnbuchelvanHead / EnglishMember
Mr. P. AjayAP/ChemicalMember
Ms. E. SharmilaAP / ECEMember

Academic Audit Committee

 Academic Audit is carried out by IQAC and the functions of the academic audit are as below

  • To monitor the Teaching – Learning process
  • To verify remedial classes conducted for slow learners
  • To ensure conduct of bridge courses for freshers
  • To verify student academic counseling
  • To audit master Time Table
  • To verify the records related to progress of the students communicated to parents
  • To verify the files related to IQAC/ NBA / NAAC documentation and Accreditation
  • To verify Alumni related interactions
  • To verify students’ feedback on faculty, department and college.
  • To monitor Alumni Survey, Employer Survey and Exit Survey.
  • To audit records related to Examinations, Co-Curricular Activities, Association Activities, Professional Body Activities, Infrastructure, Websites, Scholarships, Lab Records, Manuals, Magazines etc.
  • In order to ensure the quality, attainment of outcome-based education, DAAC (Department Academic Advisory Committee) within the Department is in place to suggest various steps for improving the Content Beyond Syllabus, Value Added Courses, Industrial Visits, Internships and Projects etc. for bridging the gap in the curriculum towards attainment of programme outcomes and programme specific outcomes.
  • Programme Assessment Committee (PAC) of each programme existing in each department is another mechanism in place to monitor and evaluates the course outcomes, programme outcomes and programme specific outcomes in a continuous manner.

S.No.Name of the MemberPosition
1Dr. V. VenkatachalamPrincipal/IQAC Chairman
2Dr. Christian JohnsonIQAC - Convener & Director /Academics
3Dr. M.ShyamalagowriIQAC - Overall Academic Coordinator
4Dr. P. BalamuruganIQAC- Academic Coordinator /Civil
5Dr.M.P. ThiruvenkatasureshIQAC- Academic Coordinator /CSE
6Ms. S. TamilselviIQAC- Academic Coordinator /EEE
7Dr. M. DeepaIQAC- Academic Coordinator /ECE
8Mr. P. SureshkumarIQAC- Academic Coordinator /EIE
9Mr. K. BalasubramaniamIQAC- Academic Coordinator /BME
10Dr. M.P. PrabhakaranIQAC- Academic Coordinator /Mechanical
11Ms. T. UsharaniIQAC- Academic Coordinator /Chemical
12Mr. P. NatarajanIQAC- Academic Coordinator /CA
13Dr. A. RavisankarIQAC- Academic Coordinator /MS
14Dr. P. RenugaIQAC- Academic Coordinator /S&H

Gardening Wing / House Keeping

The Management is keen on developing green campus. Plants and trees are planted to create eco-friendly atmosphere. There is a team of workers under a campus manager, who monitor the condition of growing nursery and plant saplings and help them to thrive.

Members of Gardening Wing / House Keeping


S. No.Name of the StaffRole
1Dr.K.M.GopalakrishnanDirector – Campus Management
2Mr.R.KavibharathiCampus Incharge
3Mr.Thu.Na.VishwanathanHouse-keeping supervisor


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