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Central Library

Rules and Regulations
Details of Overdue Charges:

The students are requested to return the books within due date. One renewal is allowed for books. For overdue books fine will be imposed. The fine calculations for an overdue book are as follows:

  • No. of Days Fine Amount
  • From the due date to first 10 days Rs. 1/- per day
    From 11 day onwards Rs.5/- per day
Loss of Library Tickets:
  • Loss of Library tickets should be informed to the librarian, in writing immediately.
  • Duplicate tickets will be issued on payment of Rs.100/- for every lost ticket, after one month.
  • The payment is to be remitted through library in the office with the written permission to the librarian
Loss of Library Books:

The borrowers are responsible for the books borrowed on the library tickets. Loss of books should be brought to notices of the librarian immediately. However, the borrower must replace the lost books with the latest edition along with the overdue charges.In case the book lost is out of print, twice the cost of the books at the time of purchase in the library along with over due charges, if any, will be collected.

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