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Department of Robotics and Automation

About Us

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driving sweeping transformation to the way we live and work. In this era increasingly powered by advanced technology like Robotics and Automation, all industries are set for new opportunities. Robots hold the promise of moving and transforming materials with the same ease as a computer program transforms data. Robots are equipped with sensors to perceive their environment and actuators to perform particular tasks and can take intelligent decisions with inbuilt controllers. From assembling to bringing machines to life, Automation and Robotics engineers have been making our lives stress-free through in more ways than we think. Not only do they build, but they also maintain, repair, and develop new models of the machines we use.

One of the most relevant degrees to study in preparation of this envisioned future is Robotics and Automation Engineering. Pursuing a career in Robotics and Automation engineering is no small deal as you will be responsible for several things that make the world a better place. Automation and Robotics engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the design and creation of robots which are used in:

  • Industries to speed up the manufacturing process.
  • The field of nuclear science.
  • Servicing and transmission of electric signals
  • Designing of bio-medical equipment, sea-exploration, etc.
Courses Offered

B.E. Robotics and Automation Engineering

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