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Department of Robotics and Automation Engineering

List of Laboratories 

Robotics Laboratory


Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1ROS (Robotic Operating System)5 nos
2System with Server5 nos
3 Mini Robot5 nos
CNC Machine and Metrology Laboratory


Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1CNC lathe1 no
2CNC milling machine1 no
3Production type CNC machining centre1 no
4CNC lathe and milling programming software (FANUC controller)10 Licenses
5Optical profile projector1 no
6Tool makers microscope1 no
7Measuring gauges for hole depth and height. 1 no
8Sine Bar1 no
Electronics Devices and Circuits Laboratory


Sensors and Electrical Machines Laboratory


Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1    Potentiometric Transducer kit1
2   Strain gauge and Load cell 1
3LVDT , Thermistor and photoelectric tachnometer Thermocouple (J, K, E types).1
4    LDR and Thermistor1
5DC Shunt Motor with Loading Arrangement3
6Single Phase Transformer3
7Single Phase Induction Motor with Loading Arrangement1
8Single Phase Auto Transformer3
9Single Phase Resistive Loading Bank2
10Sufficient number of Ammeters, Voltmeters, (or multimeters), switches, tachometers, Wattmeters.2
Digital and Integrated Circuits Laboratory
Hydraulics and Pneumatics Laboratory
Automation System Design Laboratory


Industrial Automation Laboratory


Sl.No.Description of EquipmentQty.
1Programmable Logic controller 5 Nos.
2DAQ card 2 Nos.
3Filling /Draining System 1 No.
4Traffic Light Controller 2 Nos
5DC Motor 5 Nos
6Personal computer 10 Nos
7Thermal Process, Level Process & Flow Process stations 1 set each
8 Smart Transmitter 1 No.
Modeling and Simulation Laboratory


13-D solid modeling CAD software10 licences
2ANSYS software5 licences
3non linear / crash / impact analysis software2 licences
4workstation configuration computers15 nos

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