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Department of Computer Science and Engineering (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING)

Vision and Mission


       Empowering a future where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning redefine the boundaries of innovation, enhancing human potential and fostering a world where intelligent technologies seamlessly collaborate with humanity for unprecedented advancements.


    • To empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and ethical principles essential for unlocking the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    • To foster a vibrant community of innovators, researchers, and practitioners who collaborate passionately to develop intelligent systems.

        These systems are not only capable of addressing real-world challenges but also contribute significantly to advancing the collective well-being of humanity.

    Contact Us


    Admission : Mail : admission@esec.ac.in, Mobile :9442132706, 9865279443, 9842465500, 9842865500

    Official Mail Id : contact@esec.ac.in

    Principal Mail Id : esecprincipal@gmail.com

    Contact No. : 04294232701,702,703


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