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Chemical Engineering

Faculty Details
S.NoName of the facultyDesignationQualification
1Dr. P. AkilamudhanProfessorPh.D
2Mr. V. SanthoshAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
3Ms. S. GokilaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
1Dr. R. PerumalProfessorPh.D
2Dr. N. SridharProfessorPh.D
3Dr. T. UsharaniAssociate ProfessorPh.D
4Ms. N. SrigokilavaniAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
5Mr. S. GoplakrishnanAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
6Ms. R. UmapriyaAssociate ProfessorM.Tech
7Mr. J. RohanAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
8Mr. P. SelvaprakashAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
9Dr. G. SasirekhaAssociate ProfessorPh.D
10Ms. S. VaishnaviAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
11Mr. R. Gokul RakshethAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
12Mr. N. VenkatachalamAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
13Mr. Ganesh ChinnarajAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
14Ms. S. AkilandeswariAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
15Mr. S. TharaniAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
16Ms. M. SowntharyaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
17Minar Mohammed LebbaiAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
18Ms. V. GokilaAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
19Ms. Sunitha SAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
20Mr. V. MohanrajAsst. ProfessorM.Tech
21Mr. M. PremkumarAsst. ProfessorM.Tech

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