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Faculty Development
S.No.Name of the FacultyTitle of the paperJournal details Impact FactorScopus/ UGC/ SCI/SCIE
1.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshBrain Tumor Detection in MRI Images, using Fuzzy C-Means and Cuckoo Search AlgorithmSolid State Technology , Volume 63 issue 5 page no 6759-67690.127Scopus
2.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshPrediction of Human Motion Detection in Video Surveillance Environment Using Tensor FlowInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Volume 29 issue 7 page no 2358-23680.108Scopus
3.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshIndian Traffic Road Sign Recognition for Intelligence Driver Assistance System Using SVMJournal of Critical Reviews Volume 7 issue 9 page no 3177-31851.091Scopus
4.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshIot Based Plants Disease Detection Using Convolution Neural Network (CNN) and Support Vector Machines (SVM),International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Volume 29 issue 7 page no 2358-23680.108Scopus
5.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshMachine To Machine Learning In Ad-Hoc IOT System Using Kernel Granular Support FrameworkJournal of Critical Reviews Volume 7 issue 13 page no 1811-18150.108Scopus
6.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshAn Efficient Classification and Segmentation of Brain Tumor Images Using Fuzzy Approach with Optimization TechniqueJournal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, American Scientific Publishers, Volume 7 issue 3 page no 542-5530.189Scopus
7.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshAnalysis and evaluation of classification and segmentation of brain tumour imagesInternational Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Volume 30 issue 2 page no 153-1781.015Scopus
8.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshA Distributed Mobile Cloud Computing for Secure Mobile DataAsian Journal of Applied Science and Technology(AJAST) , Volume 2 issue 2 page no 812-8205.994Scopus
9.        Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshEfficient and Dynamic Clustering scheme Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Based on The Energy ForecastAsian Journal of Applied Science and Technology (AJAST), Volume 2 issue 2 page no 722-729.5.994Scopus
10.    Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshDrugs For Corona Virus Prediction With Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning, NVEO-NATURAL VOLATILES & ESSENTIAL OILS, Volume: 8 Issue: 5 4583–45870.74Scopus
11.    Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshArtificial Intelligence in Data-Driven Analytics for the Personalized Healthcare, IEEE 2021 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI)IEEE Conference
12.    Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshEfficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network to Reduce the Energy Consumption Journal European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine,Volume 7 Issue 9 Pages 2988-30000.152.Scopus
13.    Dr. M.P.ThiruvenkatasureshMachine Learning Based Diagnosis for Diabetic Retinopathy for SKPD-PSCIntelligent Automation & Soft Computing IASC, 2023, vol.36, no.2 Pages 1067-17821.647SCIE
14.    Dr.N.S.KavithaBalanced wireless sensor networks with energy efficient bees swarm–harmony Search–Hill Climbing mechanismWiley Online Library International Journal of Communication Systems ISSN: 1097-0037 Volume-34, Issue-82.349SCI
15.    Dr.N.S.KavithaSurvey on Data Aggregation through Orthogonal Set Method for Wireless Sensor NetworkBonfring International Journal of Networking Technologies and Applications Volume 5,Issue 2 Pages 12-14
16.    Dr.S.Selvi & Ms.N.S.KavithaA Cuckoo Optimized Fuzzy Approach For Rule Selection For Cross Layer TcpSolid State Technology JSST ISSN: 0038-111X, Volume-64, Issue-1, 20210.127Scopus
17.    Dr.S.SelviHANA: A Performance-Based Machine Learning and Neural Network Approach for Climate Resilient AgricultureJournal of Nanomaterials, Volume 2022 | Article ID 2658211 | https://doi.org/10.1155/2022/26582112.986Scopus
18.    Dr.S.SelviArtificial Intelligence Techniques for Escalating Crop Nurturing ProcessECS Transactions, DOI 10.1149/10701.2999ecst
19.    Dr.S.SelviA Survey on Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud EnvironmentInternational Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology (IJEIT),Volume 3.Issue 4, Pages 173-1791.271Scopus
20.    Dr.S.SelviA Novel Hybrid Chaotic Map–Based Proactive RSA Cryptosystem in BlockchainTaylor & Francis Issue 01, Pages 11 Publisher- CRC Press
21.    Dr.S.SelviHybrid Naive Bayes-Adasvm Based Malware Prediction In Mobile ApplicationsJournal of Critical Reviews, Volume 7 Issue 9, Pages 3186-31930.108Scopus
22.    Dr.S.SelviAn Efficient Cloud Scheduling with a GEO Microarray Data SetInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering(IJITEE), Volume 9, Issue-10.422Scopus
23.    Dr.S.SelviEnhanced Scheduling Approach Using Heuristics Flow Equilibrium Based Load Balancing Algorithm In CloudInternational Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Volume 7, Issue 3 Pages 1023-10340.111Scopus
24.    Dr.S.SelviReducing Rejected Workflows using WSHF algorithm in CloudAsian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3 Pages 397-4050.676Scopus
25.    Dr.S.UmaraniLocation Based Mobile Secure Social NetworksInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Vol 2, Issue 1, pp 4061-40668.165Scopus
26.    Dr.S.UmaraniA Survey on Administrative Policies in Rule- Based Access ControlInternational Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Technology (IJCSET), Vol 5, Issue 11, pp 1071- 10753.802Scopus
27.    Dr.S.UmaraniDetecting And Preventing The Packet For Trace Back DDoS Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network”,Journal of Recent Research in Engineering and Technology, Vol 1, Issue 64.49Scopus
28.    Dr.S.UmaraniPredicting Application Layer DDoS Attacks Using Machine Learning Algorithms'.International Journal of Computer, Information, Systems and Control Engineering, Vol 8, No.10, pp.1769 - 17743.4Scopus
29.    Dr.S.UmaraniPredicting Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Machine Learning FieldAdvance Computing and Innovative Technologies in Engineering (ICACITE), International Conference in IEEE
30.    Dr.S.UmaraniHeuristics For Distributed Denial of ServicesAsian Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities, Volume 7,Issue 3, pp. 1289- 1309, ISSN (online): 2249-73150.676Scopus
31.    Mr.NarendranIot Based Air Quality Monitoring SystemJournal of Critical Review (JCR. 2020; 7(16): 3595-3599)1.091Scopus
32.    Mr.NarendranSurvey on Data Management in IOT using Machine Learning AlgorithmsInternational Journal Advanced Research in Computer Engineering And Technology Vol.9 Issue 3.5.95Scopus

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