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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Laboratory Details
Electrical Machines Lab

Equipped with All types of D.C Machine, Salient and Non-Salient Pole alternator Induction generator, Wound rotor induction Motor, Pole changing Induction Motor. Synchronous Motor, Single Phase A.C. Motor , 3Φ Induction Motor ( Slip Ring, Squirrel cage)

Power Electronics Lab

Equipped with IGBT based chopper module , MOSFET based chopper , Digital storage oscilloscope , Auto ranging self calibrated LCR meter ,Thyristor, SCR & TRIAC phase control trainers, Resonant DC-DC converter , Various VI characteristics trainer kit , 1Φ & 3Φ fully and half controlled converter

Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

Equipped with LVDT & burden tube transducer kit, AC & DC bridges, A/D & D/A converter kit , Instrumentation amplifier kit , Iron loss measurement kit

Control System Lab

Equipped with Lead – lag network kit, Stepper motor controller kit , DC position servo trainer, DC servo motor kit, AC servo motor , PID controller trainer kit

Electrical Circuit Lab

Equipped with Audio oscilloscope, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Two port network kit , Decade resistance , inductance & capacitance box , Auto transformers , Analog & Digital stopwatch

Electrical Workshop Lab

Equipped with Transformer oil testing kit , Earth resistance tester , Megger, Study motor winding , Wattmeters & Energymeters

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

Equipped with 8085,8086 – Microprocessor kit, Traffic light controller system , 8051 Micro controller kit , Stepper motor controller , Temperature sensor system , ADC / DAC interfacing cards

Electronics Devices and Circuits Lab

Equipped with Function generator, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Regulated power supply , Digital multimeter

Integrated Circuits Lab

Equipped with Analog IC trainer, Digital IC Trainer, Digital IC tester, Linear IC tester

Power System Simulation Lab

Equipped with Latest Pentium Processor systems , Mi power software , Power system software modules , Dot matrix & laser printers , Epson – LCD projector

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