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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Laboratory Details
Electronics & Integrated Circuits Lab

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1.       Regulated Rower Supply16
2.       Function Generator40
3.       Cathode Ray Oscilloscope34
4.       FM Radio circuit Trainer Kit2
5.       Telephone Trainer Kit2
6.       Digital Frequency Counter1
7.       Digital Stop Watch2
8.       ORCAD PSPICE software ( 10 Users)1
9.       ORCAD PSPICE software ( 5 Users)1
10.   5KVA Servo controlled Voltage Stabilizer4
11.   Cell Phone Trainer Kit1
12.   Digital Lab Trainer33
13.   XilinX ISE foundation software are V7.1i with model SIM1
14.   Cathode Ray Oscilloscope7 Nos
15.   Analog System Lab Kit Pro- TI6 Nos
16.   Dual Power supply (0-30v)12 Nos

Microprocessor Lab


Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1.       Microprocessor Kit 808530
2.       Microprocessor Kit 808641
3.       Microcontroller kit 805115
4.       DC motor speed measurement & control module4
5.       DC Motor Controller Interface5
6.       DC motor module1
7.       ADC & DAC measurement &control module(VBMB-030)2
8.       IC temperature sensor kit-AD5904
9.       Thermocouple module(ITB 005 CE)4
10.   RTD module(ITB-086CE)4
11.   Thermistor module (ITB-06A CE)4
12.   Universal PIC embedded trainer4
13.   Switches & LED module (VBMB-037)5
14.   Floppy Disk Interface2
15.   Printer Parallel Serial Interface6
16.   8-Digit Multiplexed Display card4
17.   Traffic Light Controller9
18.   RIDE Software2
19.   89C51Microcontroller with Flash Memory1
20.   ARM Processor5
21.   Tive TM C series TM4C123G Launch pad Evaluation kit15
22.   Sensor Hub Booster pack with wireless RF EM connection5
23.   ALS -NIFC -18 Temperature controller3
24.   LVDT Position Trainer1
25.   PC PID Controller1
26.   Microprocessor Based AC Motor controller1
27.   2-channel DAC interface board(VBMB-002)4
28.   DAC Interface Board1
29.   8-.channel ADC interface board (VBMB-003)4
30.   8251&8253 interface board (VBMB-004)10
31.   8259 interface board(VBMB-007)10
32.   8255 interface board(VBMB-008)10
33.   DMA interface board(VBMB-0011)4
34.   Stepper motor 2kg3
35.   Stepper motor controller (VBMB-013A)3
Communication Lab

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1.       Analog signal sampling and Reconstruction1
2.       Time Division Multiplexing Trainer Kit1
3.       PAM,PPM,PWM Modulation & Demodulation Kit1
4.       PCM Transmitter1
5.       PCM Receiver1
6.       Cathode Ray Oscilloscope14
7.       Digital Storage oscilloscope1
8.       Function Generator16
9.       QPSK/DQPSK modulation kit1
10.   QPSK/DQPSK demodulation kit1
11.   PAM & Verification of Sampling theorem.(Analog Signal Sampling and reconstruction VCT23)1
12.   PWM modulation & Demodulation kit.(PWM generation & Detection)1
13.   Pulse Code Modulation Demodulation (PCM Encoder & Decoder kit)1
14.   ASK Modulation & Demodulation kit1
15.   PSK Modulation & Demodulation kit1
16.   FSK Modulation & Demodulation kit1
17.   Sigma Delta Modulation(Delta Modulation & Demodulation )1
18.   FDM Trainer Kit1
19.   TDM Trainer Kit1
20.   Line Coding & Decoding Trainer Kit1
21.   Pulse Position Modulation Trainer Kit1
22.   QPSK Modulation & Demodulation Trainer Kit1
23.   Frequency Synthesiser1

Electronics System Design Lab (UG)

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1.       Design of high current linear Variable DC Power supply1 Nos
2.       Single & Multiple output power supply trainer1 Nos
3.       Design of AC/DC Voltage Regulator using SCR1 Nos
4.       Universal Motor1 Nos
5.       Design of Programmable Logic controller1 Nos
6.       Process control Timer1 Nos
7.       Design of AM/FM Transceiver1 Nos
8.       Design of Wireless Data modem1 Nos
9.       Design of Instrumentation Amplifier &Digital inductor1 Nos
10.   DC Power Supply Kit Using Buck-Boost converters1 Nos
11.   DC Power Supply Kit Using Fly Back converters1 Nos
12.   (4-20) mA Transmitter Kit for A Bridge type transducer.(Design of RTD transmitter)1 Nos
13.   25 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope5 Nos
14.   5 MHz Function Generator5 Nos
15.   Digital Multimeter5 Nos
16.   Microprocessor/Controller Based Strain gauge trainer kit1 Nos
17.   Microprocessor/Controller Based Photocell and LDR trainer kit1 Nos
18.   Microprocessor/Controller Based Pressure Transducer trainer kit1 Nos
19.   Data Acquisition and Storage of signals through serial/parallel port to PC1 Nos
20.   PC based data Acquisition using add on card or USB compatible card1 Nos
21.   Microprocessor / Controller Based LVDT Trainer Kit1 Nos
22.   Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 30 MHz1 Nos

VLSI, Embedded lab, Electronics System Design Lab (PG)

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1.       Xilinx ISE foundation V9.1 Series Software1
2.       Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA Trainer Kit10
3.       Universal VLSI Trainer Kit5
4.       LPC 2148 ARM Based Embedded Trainer Kit10
5.       Wireless Zigbee Model Interface for ARM5 set
6.       MATLAB and Tool Boxes
7.       MATLAB50
8.       Tool Boxes
2.Signal Processing Tool box10
3.Communication System Tool Box5
4.DSP System Toll box5
5.Control System Tool Box10
6.Fuzzy Logic Tool Box2
7.Image Processing Tool Box2
8.Neural Network Tool Box2
9.Simpower Systems2
11.RF Tool Box1
9.       Universal PIC Embedded Trainer Kit5
10.   TMS320C6713 based DSP Trainer Kit5
11.   8086 Microprocessor Kit5
12.   Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA Trainer Kit with USB to JTAG5
13.   Study of 32 bit ARM 7 µc RTOS & its apply & Testing RTOS environment & System Programming1
(LPC 2148 starter kit VSK 2148)
14.   Design of Wireless Network using Embedded systems1
15.   Spartan 6 Trainer kit VBMB/ViPAC 011
16.   Implementation of ARM with FPGA (Smart Fusion kit)1

Digital Signal Processing &Design Project Lab

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1.       MAT LAB REL 13- Network / concurrent – 10 User1 Nos
Simlink – network/concurrent – 10 user1 Nos
Signal Processing Toolbox (10 User)1 Nos
DSP Block set – 1 user1 Nos
Image Processing Tool box-1 user1 Nos
Neural Network tool box – 1 user1 Nos
Fuzzy logic tool box – 1 user1 Nos
2.       TMS 320C 50 Trainer Kit2 Nos
3.       TMS 320VC 5416 Based DSP Trainer Kit4 Nos
4.       TMS 320VC33 DSP Trainer Kit2 Nos
5.       TMS 320 C 6713 Based DSP Trainer Kit2 Nos
6.       TMS 320 C 6713 DSP Starter Kit3 Nos
7.       TMS 320 C 6713 DSP Trainer kit2 Nos
8.       Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 100 MHz1 Nos
9.       Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 30 MHz4 Nos
10.   Function Generator 5 MHz5 Nos
11.   Wipro Branded PC core i3 (3RD GEN) H.61 Motherboard , 4GB DDR3, 5oo GB HDD, keyboard, Optical Mouse, ATX cabinet, 18.5” TFT colour monitor with operating system10 Nos
12.   Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz NVIDIA mother Board 2GB DDRAM, 250 GB HDD ATX cabinet DVD writer, key board, optical mouse, 18.5” TFT.06Nos
13.   Intel BTO system Intel core i3 2nd generation CPU 2100,61WW mother board,4GB RAM,18.5” TFT Samsung monitor, optical mouse ,MM key board, ATX cabinet 05Nos
14.   Intel BTO system Intel core i3 2nd generation Intel 61WW original mother board,4GB DDR III RAM,500GB HDD, optical mouse ,DVD writer, MM key board, 18.5” TFT Samsung monitor19 Nos
15.   LCD EPSON X03 Projector04 Nos

Robotics Lab



Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1.       L3G4200 3 axis digital gyroscope1
2.       LSM303 3 axis digital accelerometer and 3 axis magnetometer1
3.       Gyroscope, accelerometer and GPS interfacing module for the robot1
4.       GPS receiver1
5.       Nex AVRISP mkII USB Programmer1
6.       Two Axis Camera pod with Wireless Camera1
7.       USB TV Tuner for Interfacing wireless camera with Laptop (supports windows 8)1
8.       FireBird V 25604
9.       Spark V Robot5
10.   Fire Bird V P89V51RD2 adapter card3
11.   Fire Bird V LPC2148 adapter card5
12.   Zigbee Modules 100m range10
13.   Zigbee Modules Adapter5
14.   Metal-gear Servo Motors10
15.   Servo Motor Based Gripper kit for the Fire Bird V robot2
16.   Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared range sensor (10cm to 80cm)10
Microwave Laboratory

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1SX – 9000
1. Klystron mount With Tube 2k253
2 .Isolator3
3 .Frequency Meter3
4 .Slotted Section3
5. Variable Attenuator3
6. Tunable Probe3
7 Detector Mount3
8 .Movable short3
9. Matched Termination3
11.Wave guide stand15
12.VSWR Meter3
13.Solid State Klystron Power supply
14.Cooling fan3
15.BNC Cable3
2SX – 9001
1.Gunn Oscillator1
2.Pin Modulator1
4.Slotted Section1
5.Variable Attenuator1
6.Tunable Probe1
7.Detector Mount (Tunable)1
8.Movable short1
9.Matched Termination1
11.Wave guide stand5
12.VSWR Meter1
13.Gun Power supply1
14.Cooling fan1
15.BNC Cable2
16.TNC Cable1
17. Frequency Meter1
3SX – 90021
1. Gun Power Supply1
2. Gun oscillator1
3.Pin Modulator1
4. Isolator1
5..Variable Attenuator1
6.Detector Mount1
7. VSWR Meter2
8. Radiation Pattern( Table, rotator)2
9. Standard Gain Horn5
10. E – Plane bend1
11.Wave Guide Stand1
12.Pick Up horn1
13.Slotted Antenna Broad Well1
14. Di electric Antenna
15. Parabolic Disc (With Feed 8 diameter)1
16.Helical antenna1
17..Cooling fan2
18.BNC Cable1
19.TNC Cable1
20. Co-axial cable W/G Adapter
21. Co-axial cable for micro chip antenna1
4SX – 9004
1.Gun power supply1
2.Gunn oscillator1
4.Variable Attenuator1
5.Detector Mount1
6.Wave guide stand5
7.Movable Short1
8.Slotted Section1
9.VSWR Meter1
10.Tunable Probe1
11.Frequency Meter1
12.Fixed Attenuator 3 db1
13.E- Plane Tee1
14.H-Plane Tee1
16.MHD Coupler 20 db1
17.Magic Tee1
18.Directional Coupler 3db1
19.Directional Coupler 10 db1
20.Cross Directional Coupler1
21.Matched Termination1
22.T Circulator1
23.Cooling Fan1
24.BNC Cable2
25.TNC Cable1
26.Pin Modulator1
1.Klystron power Supply1
2.Klystron mount with tube2k251
3.Frequency meter1
4.Variable Attenuator1
5.Slotted section1
6.Tunable probe1
7.Detector mount1
8.VSWR Meter1
9.movable short1
10.Matched Termination1
11.Slide screw tuner1
12.wave guide stand5
13.cooling fan1
14.BNC Cable2
15.90 Degree Twist1
6Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
-100 MHz1
-30 M Hz4
7FOL Fiber Optic Training Lab – 4)01 Nos
8AL – 001 Fiber Optic analog link for plastic Fiber –(2)01 Nos
9DL – 005 Fiber Optic Digital Plastic Fiber – (2)01 Nos
10DL – Dual Fiber Optic Digital Link For Glass & Plastic Fiber – (2)01 Nos
11Fiber link – B Fiber Optic Communication Training Kit01 Nos
12RS – 232 Interface Card02 Nos
13Fiber link – A low cost Fiber Optic Trainer Kit01 Nos
14Fiber link – D Physics of Fiber Optics Kit01 Nos
15Model LS – 850 Fiber Optic LED Power Source01 Nos
16Model – M 100 Fiber Optic Power Meter01 Nos
181 Meter ST – ST Multimode Patch Card of Glass Fiber04 Nos
19ST connector installation Kit01 set
20Fiber link – E FIBER Optic trainer kit based on Laser Diode & Glass Fiber01 Nos
21Mode characteristics of fiber01 Nos
22Link-B Advanced Fiber optical Communication trainer kit02 Nos
23FOM-1D Dual wavelength fiber optic laser source and detector module01 Nos
24100 MHz 1Gs/s with FFT colour Digital Storage Oscilloscope01 Nos

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