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S. NoName of the FacultyDesignationTitle of the EventDateInstitutionLevelRemarks
1.  Dr.R.KalaivaniProfessorOnline course on Examination Reforms organized by AICTE-22-25 April 202022.04.2020 to 25.04.2020AICTE-OnlineNationalParticipation
2.  Mr.M.KarthikkumarAPIntellectual Property Rights Quiz26.04.2020VMRF-DU, SalemNationalParticipation
3.  Mr.G.LingeswaranAPARM Cortex M4 -F Based on Tiva Launchpad28.04.2020 toEdGate Technologies Pvt LtdNationalParticipation
30.04. 2020Bangalore.
4.  Ms.R.PoornimaAPFDP on ‘ICT to ICT’01.05.2020Roever Engineering College, PerambalurNationalParticipation
Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.M.Karthikkumar
5.  Mr.G.LingeswaranAPBuilding a Neural Network from the Groundup using Python21.05.2020 to 26.05.2020Kongu Engineering College, PerunduraiNationalParticipation
6.  Mr.G.LingeswaranAPDesign and EM simulation of RF modules, Antennas using CST Studio Suite26.05.2020 to 27.05.2020Thiagarajar College of Engineering, MaduraiNationalParticipation
7.  Ms.R.PoornimaAPWebinar on ‘Effective conduct of online classes’8.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
8.  Dr.V.Premchandran Mr.M.Karthikkumar Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.P.LogamurthyAPFDP on ‘IoT Trends to Drive Innovation for Business and Digital Technology’11.05.2020 to 15.05.2020HindusthanNationalParticipation
Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
9.  Mr.M.KarthikkumarAPFaculty Program on NBA12.05.2020,Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering, Navi MumbaiNationalParticipation
10.  Mr.M.KarthikkumarAPOnline Webinar on Energy Auditing and Career Opportunities12.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
11.  Dr.V.Premchandran Ms.R.PoornimaAPWebinar on ‘AI & Machine learning’14.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
Ms.M.Karthikkumar Mr.P.Logamurthy Mr.G.Lingeswaran
12.  Dr.V.PremchandranAPWebinar on ‘Cyber security’15.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
Ms.M. Karthikkumar Mr.P.Logamurthy Mr.G.Lingeswaran
13.  Dr.V.PremchandranAPWebinar on ‘Demystify the cloud’17.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering CollegeNationalParticipation
Mr.P.Logamurthy Mr.G.Lingeswaran
14.  Ms.R.PoornimaAPWebinar on ‘Block chain basics’18.5.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
15.  Ms.R.PoornimaAPWebinar on ‘Future of Communication Engineering’20.5.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
16.  Mr.G. LingeswaranAPWebinar on ‘Expanding Scope of Robotics’21.05.2020Sri Eshwar College of EngineeringNationalParticipation
Mr.M. Karthikkumar
17.  Mr.M. KarthikkumarAPDesign the thinking22.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
18.  Mr.M. KarthikkumarAPTechnology the future of recruitment23.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
19.  Dr. V. PremchandranAPOne Week Faculty Development Program In Association With Iit Bombay (Remote Learning Through Spoken Tutorial) On Scilab25.05.2020 to 30.05.2020NationalParticipation
Vaagdevi College of Engineering
20.  Mr.M.KarthikkumarAPA journey of an entrepreneur28.05.2020Sri Eshwar Engineering College, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
21.  Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.J. SridharAPFDP on ‘Research Topics in VLSI and Industry Trends’29.05.2020GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam, Andhra PradeshNationalParticipation
Mr.G. Lingeswaranto 31.05.2020
Mr.M. Karthikkumar
22.  Mr.V.ThamizharasanAPFast multiplier using approximate compressors02.06.2020Panimalar institute of technologyNationalParticipation
23.  Mr.G. LingeswaranAPTechnologies for Healthcare08.06.2020 to 10.06.2020GMR Institute of Technology, NationalParticipation
Rajam, Andhra Pradesh.
24.  Mr.V.ThamizharasanAPQuiz on signals and systems13.06.2020GMR Institute of Technology, RajamNationalParticipation
25.  Mr.P. LogamurthyAPFDP on “Effective Communication for Enhancing Teaching Learning Process”20.06.2020 to 21.06.2020Narasu`s Sarathy Institute of Technology, SalemNationalParticipation
26.  Mr.M. KarthikkumarAPTwo Day Workshop on ‘Aligning Yourself to the Publishing Process’24.07.2020ElsevierNationalParticipation
27.  Mr.V.Thamizharasan Ms.R.PoornimaAPWebinar on “Virtual and25.07.2020GMR Institute of Technology, Andhra PradeshNationalParticipation
Ms.M.RamyaAugmented Reality in Education
Mr.M. Karthikkumar Mr.G. Lingeswaran
28.  Dr.V.PremchandranAPInternational Faculty Development Program on ‘Technologies with Social Relevance’27.07.2020 to 01.08.2020GMR Institute of Technology, Andhra PradeshInternationalParticipation
Mr.P.Logamurthy Mr.M.Karthikkumar Mr.V.Thamizharasan Ms.R.Poornima
29.  Dr.V.PremchandranAPFDP on ‘Technologies for Teaching-Learning Pedagogy’06.08.2020 to 09.08.2020GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam, AP, IndiaNationalParticipation
30.  Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.M.KarthikkumarAPA journey of an entrepreneur28.08.2020Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
31.  Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.J. SridharAPHigher and Technical Education Conclave28.08.2020Erode Sengunthar engineering collegeNationalParticipation
32.  Dr.V.PremchandranAPFDP on ‘Emerging Trends in Robotics and its application’9.09.2020 – 14.09.2020PSNA College of Engineering Technology, DindigulNationalParticipation
33.  Mr.V.ThamizharasanAPFDP on ‘Wearable Devices’14.09.2020 to 18.09.2020Kongu Engineering College, PerunduraiNationalParticipation
34.  Mr.V.ThamizharasanAPWebinar series on VLSI (ASIC - Concept To Chip Tapeout) and Electronic System Design Series04.09.2020 to 29.10. 2020Entuple Technologies,VTU, BelagaviNationalParticipation
35.  Dr. V. PremchandranAPAICTE Sponsored STTP on Massive MIMO and Millimeter Wave MIMO Technologies for 5G Networks17.08.2020 to 22.08.2020Erode Sengunthar Engineering CollegeNationalParticipation
36.  Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.M. KarthikkumarAPOnline course on ‘Global Navigation Satellite System’14.09.2020 toIndian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS),NationalParticipation
25.09.2020ISRO, Dehradun
37.  Dr.R.KalaivaniProfessorSTC on AI Inspired 6G Communication Technology16.09.2020 to 20.09.2020NIT, SrinagarNationalParticipation
38.  Mr.J.SridharAPAICTE Sponsored STTP on Medical Image Analysis14.09.2020 to 19.09.2020VSB Engineering College, KarurNationalParticipation
39.  Dr. V. PremchandranAPIntegrative Internet of Things and Deep Learning for Smart Healthcare (Series-I)19.10.2020 – 24.10.2020KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.M. Karthikkumar
40.  Mr.V.Thamizharasan Mr.M. KarthikkumarAPShort Term training Program ‘mmWave Antenna Design and Testing for Biomedical Applications’19.10.20 to 24.10.2020Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, ChennaiNationalParticipation
41.  Ms.R.PoornimaAPAICTE sponsored STTP on ‘Signal Processing Techniques for Advanced Wireless Communication’26.10.2020 to 31.10.2020Jayamukhi Institute of Technological sciences, WarangalNationalParticipation
42.  Mr.J.SridharAPAICTE Sponsored STTP on Enhancing Research and Development through Project Based Learning to Achieve Outcome Based Education in Engineering22.10.2020 to 29.10.2020Sri Krishna College of Technology, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
43.  Dr.R.KalaivaniProfessorSignal Processing Techniques for Advanced Wireless Communication26.10.2020 to 31.10.2020Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences
Narsampet, Warangal
44.  Dr.R.KalaivaniProfessorAICTE Sponsored One Week  STTP on  “Long Range (LoRa) Wireless Area Networks: A futuristic Approach”02.11.2020 to 07.11.2020KSR Institute for Engg.& Technology, TiruchengodeNationalParticipation
45.  Ms.M. RamyaAPAICTE23.11.2020 to 28.11.2020Bannari Amman Institute of TechnologyNationalParticipation
Mr.M.Karthikkumarsponsored short term training program (STTP) on "Recent Trends in
Computational Intelligence for Healthcare Monitoring Systems- II"
46.  Mr.G.LingeswaranAPApplication of Artificial intelligence Technique in Overcoming the Challenges of Healthcare Industry07.12.2020 to 12.12.2020Knowledge Institute of Technology, NationalParticipation
47.  Dr.R.KalaivaniAPInternet of Things (ATAL FDP)14.12.2020 to 18.12.2020KL UniversityNationalParticipation
48.  Ms.R.PoornimaAPTraining Program on Massive MIMO & mmWave Communications21.12.2020 to 24.12.2020Thiagarajar College of Engineering, MaduraiNationalParticipation

Faculty Seminar

S. NoName of the FacultyDesignationTitle of the EventDateVenueLevelRemarks
1M.Jothi Mani
APWireless and Optical Network Design31.08.19Velalar College of Engineering & TechnologyNationalParticipation
2Ms.M.Jothi Mani
APAICTE Sponsored One Week Short Term Training Programme (STTP)
“Design, Fabrication and Testing of Antenna and Design Issues in Modern Antennas”
04.11.19 to 09.11.19Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
Prof & Head,
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Sponsored One week Short Term Training Programme on Design and Development of Engineering Applications using Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) 25.11.19 to 30.11.19Velalar College of Engineering & Technology, Thindal, ErodeNationalParticipation
APTEQIP - III Sponsored A Two day National Workshop On “FPGA designflow using Xilinx Vivado”13.12.19 to 14.12.19PSG College of Technology, CoimbatoreNationalParticipation
5Mr.J.Madhan mohan,
AICTE sponsored FDP “Machine Learning using Python and Data Analytics using Hadoop”16.12.19 to 27.12.19Erode Sengunthar Engineering CollegeNationalParticipation
APFive Day Workshop on “Education 4.0 for Industry 4.0”17.12.19 to 21.12.19NIT, WarangalNationalParticipation
7Dr.G.S.SatheeshkumarAPAICTE sponsored Short Term Course (STC) on Power Electronic converters and Controllers for EV and Smartgrid18.12.19 to 22.12.19Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing, KancheepuramNationalParticipation

Faculty Technical Events

S. NoName of the FacultyDesignationTitle of the EventDateVenueLevelRemarks
1V.ThamizharasanAPGuest Lecture on “Sequential Logic Circuits”27.08.19KGiSL Institute of Technology, CoimbatoreActed as Resource Person--

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