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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Research and Development

Research Facilities


S. No.Name of the Important EquipmentUtilization 
Signal Processing Toolbox
Communication System Toolbox
DSP toolbox
Control System Toolbox
Fuzzy logic toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox
Neural Network Toolbox
Simpower Systems
RF Toolbox

Projects in Wireless Communication &
Power Line Communication are completed and in progress
2Xilinx ISE foundation V9.1 Series SoftwareProjects in Digital Circuit Design are completed and in progress
3Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA Trainer KitProjects in VLSI design are completed and in progress
Research Supervisor
NoName of SupervisorFacultySpecialization
1Dr. R.KalaivaniInformation and Communication EngineeringPower Line Communication


Faculty Pursuing Ph.D.


S.NoNameYear of RegistrationRegistration numberSupervisor NameStatus
1Ms.R.Poornima201818243691201Dr. R.Kalaivani
Erode Sengunthar Engineering College
Course Work Completed

Kongu Engineering College
Course Work


S. No.TitleName of the Faculty Member(s)NumberStatusDate
1Improved Security Level in ATM Machine using biometric based authentication SystemMr. V. Thamizharasan202241005522Published11.02.2022
Mr. M.Karthikkumar
Mr. P. Logamurthy
Dr. S. Vimalnath
Dr V Premchandran
2Techniques to Categorize the Stages of Lung Cancer in depth using Machine Learning ApproachDr.R.Kalaivani202141055574Published10.12.2021
Mr. P. Logamurthy
3Ethernet Cable PinDr. M.Dhipa350995-001FER Generated11.11.2021
Dr. S. Vimalnath
Mr. V. Thamizharasan
Mr. M.Karthikkumar
4Traffic Controlling and Monitoring using IOTDr. S. Vimalnath202141038079Published03.09.2021
5A Multi Objective Reinforcement Learning Based Dynamic Resource Allocation for Low Power IoT NetworksDr. M.Dhipa202141036924Published20.08.2021
6Feed forward neural networks combined with extreme learning machine approach forDr.S.Karthick2020103741Grant27.11.2020
large weather data
7A smart Agriculture monitoring System using Internet of ThingsDr.R.Kalaivani202011056466Published15.01.2021
8Inertial Measurement Unit for Wearable Continuous Human Motion Information SystemDr.S.Karthick2020102947Grant13.01.2021
9User Friendly Navigation System Through Voice Commands For The Visually Impaired As Well As Elder PeopleMr. P. Logamurthy2020102835Published17.10.2020
10Voice Based Outdoor Navigation And Location Announcement Guidance System For BlindDr V Premchandran2020103056Published28.10.2020
11Method for Automatic Health Prediction Using Machine LearningDr.S.Karthick202041009201Published13.03.2020
12System and Method to Monitor and Forecast Water Consumption in PremisesDr V Premchandran202041001100Published17.01.2020


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