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Mechanical Engineering

Professional Body Membership – IIPE

 The Indian Institution of Production Engineers (IIPE) students’ chapter in ESEC aims to provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing. Membership of a professional organization, in today’s competitive job market, can be that one important edge which will support student throughout career. It improves student employability, helps network better and raises student professional profile. It gives student access to all the resources, information and guidance student need including research and publications, training courses and professional development support.

List of Faculty Memberships
S. No.Name of the FacultyQualificationDesignation
3Dr.S.NavaneethakrishnanPh.D.,Associate Professor
4Mr.S.ManikandanM.E.Assistant Professor
5A.PrabhakaranM.E.Assistant Professor
6Mr.N.S.MohanM.E.Assistant Professor
7Mr.G.DhayanithiM.E.Assistant Professor
List of Student Memberships
S. No.BatchRoll NumberName of the Student
1.  2020-2024ES20ME01Arul Manikandan K
2.  2020-2024ES20ME02Aswanth S
3.  2020-2024ES20ME03Balaji C
4.  2020-2024ES20ME05Cibi C
5.  2020-2024ES20ME09Guhanesh V
6.  2020-2024ES20ME11Kavin Kumar P
7.  2020-2024ES20ME12Kavinkumar K
8.  2020-2024ES20ME14Logesh S
9.  2020-2024ES20ME15Maharaja K
10.  2020-2024ES20ME16Manoj V
11.  2020-2024ES20ME17Manoj V
12.  2020-2024ES20ME19Mohanraj S
13.  2020-2024ES20ME22Muthuraman G
14.  2020-2024ES20ME24Prabu G
15.  2020-2024ES20ME25Prakash M
16.  2020-2024ES20ME28Ranjith R
17.  2020-2024ES20ME29Sabarish S
18.  2020-2024ES20ME34Sivanantham S
19.  2020-2024ES20ME38Suthakar A
20.  2020-2024ES20ME39Thooyavan M
21.  2020-2024ES20ME40Udhayakathir
22.  2020-2024ES21LME02Aravindh A
23.  2020-2024ES21LME04Dineshkumar G
24.  2020-2024ES21LME05Dineshkumar N
25.  2020-2024ES21LME06Gowrisankar S
26.  2020-2024ES21LME07Gowtham V
27.  2020-2024ES21LME08Hariprakash S
28.  2020-2024ES21LME10Karthi M
29.  2020-2024ES21LME11Kavin S
30.  2020-2024ES21LME12Kaviraj
31.  2020-2024ES21LME13Madhan Kumar K
32.  2020-2024ES21LME15Naveen Kumar M
33.  2020-2024ES21LME17Nivash S
34.  2020-2024ES21LME18Praveen A
35.  2020-2024ES21LME19Premnath P
36.  2020-2024ES21LME20R.Rajkumar
37.  2020-2024ES21LME21Senthil Kumar
38.  2020-2024ES21LME22Sethubathi J
39.  2020-2024ES21LME23Sudharsan M
40.  2020-2024ES21LME24Sujith R S
41.  2020-2024ES21LME25Thirunavukkarasu G
42.  2020-2024ES21LME27Vallarasu
43.  2020-2024ES21LME28Ajay
Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) Faculty members List
S. No.Name of the FacultyQualificationDesignation
3Dr.D.GiridharPh.D.,Associate Professor
5Dr.S.NavaneethakrishnanPh.D.,Associate Professor
6Dr.R.SasikumarPh.D.,Associate Professor
7Dr.J.BalajiPh.D.,Associate Professor
8Dr.J.ManivannanPh.D.,Associate Professor
9Mr.P.ChokkalingamM.E.Assistant Professor
10Mr.S.ManikandanM.E.Assistant Professor
11Mr.A.PrabhakaranM.E.Assistant Professor
12Mr.N.S.MohanM.E.Assistant Professor
13Mr.G.DhayanithiM.E.Assistant Professor

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