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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Laboratory Details

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1Pulse Oxi-meter1
2Fiber optic transducer for temperature and pressure measurement1
3Design and calibration of series and shunt type ohm meter1
4Blood pressure and Heart Demonstrator & Blood Pressure meter Apparatus1
5Pneumatic system with P to I and I to P Converter and with a digital display unit1
6Photo Electric Tachometer (0-2000)rpm1
7Piezo Electric Transducer1
8Digital Shaft Angle Encoder & 12 Bit High Speed A to D Converter module1
9Wheatstone Bridge Galvanometer1
10Kelvin’s Double Bridge1
11Schering Bridge Decade Capacitance Box1
12Calibration of Single Phase Energy meter1
13Anderson Bridge with Inductance Box1
14Temperature measurement using Thermister &Digital display unit of measure the Resistance temperature2
15Strain gauge trainer with weight up to 5kg and digital unit to measure the change of resistance(strain)and voltage across the Bridge2
Instrumentation System Design Lab

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1V/I & I/V Converter1
2RTD PT 1001
3Microprocessor based kit with ADC and DAC1
4ON/OFF control valve trainer1
5Cold Junction Compensation E-type and K-type Thermocouple using linearising circuit1
6Strain Gauge Trainer1
7Active filter of different designs with patch cards1
8Orifice plates of standard dimension with Manometer1
9Signal Generator3
10Cathode Ray Oscilloscope3
Virtual Instrumentation Laboratory

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
2NI ELVIS II Protype1
3NI USB 9219-4-Channel Analog I/P DAQ1
Process Control Laboratory

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1PC Based first order temperature control using K type thermocouple and PT-100 RTD with computer software to monitor: 1. ON-OFF, Proportional, Proportional plus, Derivative and proportional plus integral plus derivative control mode (in close air and open air 2. Step response of thermocouple, RTD.1
2PLC Based pneumatic control using I/P converter(4-20)mA/ (3-15)PSI pneumatic control valve SS304 stroke 9 mm air filter regulator input (0-10)kg/cm with computer software to monitor ON-OFF proportional, proportional plus integral and proportional plus derivative control mode 1
3Interacting and Non Interacting Trainer1
4Pressure Process Station1
5Flow and Level Integrated Process Station1
6Temperature Process Station1
7Positioner Control valve flow measurement1
8Liquid Level Control System1
9Thermal Level Control System1
10Two Tank System with provision for Transportation Delay1
Computer Control of Process Laboratory

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1RS 232 Card Trainer Kit1
2Add on Card using ADC Principle1
3SCADA Package1
4Dot Matrix Printer1
5P-IV Computers1
6Intel core 2 due@208GHZ1
7Intel Bio System: Intel Core i3 2nd generation1
8Acer Core i3 /2nd Generation 2 GB RAM /500 GB / 18.5’ LED1
9Acer Core i3 /2nd Generation 4GB RAM /500 GB / 18.5’ LED1
10PLC Based Bottle Filling System1
Electrical Circuits Laboratory

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1Single tuned Coupled Circuits1
2Decade Resistance Box10
3Decade Capacitance Box10
4Decade Inductance Box10
5DC Ammeter (0-10 mA)30
6DC Voltmeter(0-30V)20
7Maxwells Inductance Bridge1
8“Mew” LPF Wattmeter1
0-150/300/600V; 5/10 A
9“Scientific” , Model SM 5070, 3 MHz Digital Function Generator3
Engineering Practice Laboratory

Sl.No.Name of the major EquipmentQuantity
1Digital IC Trainer3
2CRO (30 Mhz)3
3Multimeter (Digital)5

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