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Management Studies


Our vision is to be a management school of excellence in shaping leaders and decision makers for global work places with a clear focus on scientific approach in managerial decision making and ethical business practices.

  • DM 1: Awareness of employment opportunities: Impart management education with a wide exposure to global business scenario and best practices.

  • DM 2: Innovative ideas and positive attitude: Nurture the innovative mindset of students with right skills, attitude and knowledge to make a positive change in the society.

  • DM 3: Industry–academia partnership: Build industry academia research partnership to equip students to gain expertise in application of modern managerial tool for decision making. 

  • DM 4: Team work and Leadership: Work in teams and assume leadership roles during the career.

  • DM 5: Ethical practices: To promote social responsibility among the students with a strong commitment towards business ethics, environmental protection and social inclusiveness.

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Admission : Mail : admission@esec.ac.in, Mobile :9442132706, 9865279443, 9842465500, 9842865500

Official Mail Id : contact@esec.ac.in

Principal Mail Id : esecprincipal@gmail.com

Contact No. : 04294232701,702,703


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