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Civil Engineering

Program Attended by the Faculty


Program Attended by the Faculty from Feb 2020 to August 2020

S.No.Name of the Faculty memberName of the online trainingDate & duration
1.       Mr.D.KrishnaWorkshop30.1.2020
2.       Mr.D.KrishnaIndustrial training11.2.2020
3.       Dr.K.M.Gopala KrishnanConference29.1.2020
& 30.1.2020
4.       Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracySeminar
5.       Mr.J.ArunPrasadConstruction and Quality Control of Reinforced Soil wallApril 20,2020
6.       Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyOutcome based Learning Approach in higher Education23.4.2020 – 30.4.2020
7.       Mrs.A.Fathima Darras Gracy23.4.2020
Optimization of Flexible Pavements using Geosynthetics
8.       Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyPerformance based Specification for Concrete in Public Works.24.4.2020
9.       Mr.J.ArunPrasadPerformance Specification for concrete in public worksApril 24,2020
10.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadSelection and use of Superplasticizer in ConcreteApril 26,2020
11.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadCorrosion Inhibitors to Enhance Service LifeApril 26,2020
12.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracySuperplasticizers and their Use in Indian Climate Conditions26.4.2020
13.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadHow to get Published in Scientific JournalApril 27,2020
14.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadFDP on Research MethodologyApril 27,2020
15.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadCorrosion in Concrete Structures & Extending service life by cathodic protectionApril 28,2020
16.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadUltra High Performance ConcreteApril 29,2020
17.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadThe Art of Writing Research PapersApril 29,2020
18.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyArt of wrting Research paper29.4.2020
19.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyCivil Softwares29.4.2020
20.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadConstruction andApril 30,2020
Quality Control of Reinforced Soil Wall
21.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyEnterpreneurship
Modern construction Techniques
27.4.2020 – 2.5.2020
22.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyNoodle with moodle28.4.2020
23.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyCommon Faults in civil Engineering29.4.2020
24.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyLatest green Building Technology30.4.2020
25.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyModern construction Techniques in civil Engg01.05.2020
26.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadArt of Writing ResearchMay 01,2020
27.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyCareer challenges of ciivl engineer02.05.2020
28.   Mr.M.BalajiRecent Advances in Science and Technology of ConcreteMay 02,2020
29.   Mr.M.BalajiGreen Synthesis of Artificial Aggregates and Structural ApplicationsMay 02,2020
30.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadScope and Repair Methodology of Civil EngineeringMay 03,2020
31.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyHangout with successful start ups5.5.2020
32.   Mr.M.BalajiAn Overview of Concrete Mix DesignMay 05,2020
33.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyA journey of civil engineer as an Enterpreneur6.5.2020
34.   Mr.M.BalajiDeveloping GIS Hub for Sustainable DevelopmentMay 06,2020
35.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyRoad to zero7.5.2020
36.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadResponse of different Geo-materials subjected to cyclic loadingsMay 07,2020
37.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadPervious Concrete12/5/2020
38.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadPerformance of High Strength Concrete11/5/2020
39.   Mrs.A.Fathima Darras GracyInterst& Time value of money in construction16.5.2020
40.   Dr.K.M.Gopala Krishnan
Dr. S. Christian Johnson
Mr.J.Arun Prasad
Mrs. Fathima Darras Gracy
Webinar on Research proposal preparartion – Intricacies & opportunities19.6.2020
41.   Mr.R.KrishnasamyBasics of Structural Engineering28-06-2020
(11.00AM to 12.00P.M)
42.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadThree Days National Fdp on Advanced29 -06-2020 to
Mr.R.KrishnasamyE-Learning In Structural Engineering Design Concepts1/7/2020
(10.30AM to
43.   Mr.R.KrishnasamyE-Quiz on Civil Q 202029 -06-2020
44.   Mr.J.ArunPrasadResearch Techniques and Tips for Article Writing3/7/2020
Mr.R.Krishnasamy(10.30AM to
45.   Mr.M.BalajiResearch Techniques and Tips for Article Writing3/7/2020
Mr.J.ArunPrasad(10.30AM to
46.   M.DivakarkarthickFinite element modeling of old masonry structure6/7/2020
(09.30AM to
47.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracyFDP on Recent tends in civil Engineering6.7.2020 – 10.7.2020
48.   Dr.K.M.Gopala KrishnanQuality standards in teaching, learning and evaluation through IQAC8/7/2020
Dr. S. Christian Johnson(11.30AM to
Mr.J.Arun Prasad
Mrs. Fathima Darras Gracy
49.   Mr.M.BalajiBuilding information modeling9/7/2020
50.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracySustainable construction9/7/2020
(11.30AM to
51.   Mr.R.KrishnasamyPlastic Waste Management in India11.07-2020
52.   Mr.R.KrishnasamyVasthu Sashtra13-07-2020
53.   Mr.R.KrishnasamyCivil and Architectural Designs in Virtual Reality14-07-2020
54.   Mr.M.BalajiStrength Properties of Concrete Under Shockwave Compaction15-07-2020
55.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracyDurability of concrete16.7.2020
56.   Mr.M.BalajiDurability of Concrete16-07-2020
57.   Dr.K.M.Gopala Krishnan
Dr. S. Christian Johnson
Mr.J.Arun Prasad
Mrs. Fathima Darras Gracy
Webinar on Qulaity standards in teaching , learning and evaluation through IQAC17-07-2020
58.   Mr.R.KrishnasamyFinancial Wellness20-07-2020
59.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracyUrban frameworks for indian cities22.7.2020
60.   Mr.M.BalajiConstruct 4.022-07-2020
61.   Mr.R.KrishnasamyEntrepreneurship for Civil Engineers23-07-2020
62.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracyClean water – The first medicine for life24.7.2020
63.   Dr.K.M.Gopala KrishnanWebinar on Prospective use of Robotic Technologies and Asset28-07-2020
Dr. S. Christian JohnsonManagement
Mr.J.Arun Prasad
Mrs. Fathima Darras Gracy
64.   Dr.K.M.Gopala KrishnanNBA Perspectives on students Performance and Professional activities28-08-2020
Dr. S. Christian Johnson
Mr.J.Arun Prasad
Mrs. Fathima Darras Gracy
65.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracyWebinar on prospective use of robotic Technologies & Asset management28.7.2020
66.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracyFDP on Developments in concrete & construction23.7.2020 to 29.7.2020
67.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracySTTP on Low carbon energy building ( phase I)27.7.2020 to 2.8.2020
68.   Mrs. Fathima Darras GracyNanoMaterials and its Applications in Science and Technology”07/09/2020 to 09/09/2020
69.   Dr.P.BalamuruganWEBINAR- UG & PG Scholarshiop Awarness Programme2020
70.   Dr.P.BalamuruganWEBINAR- Water resource Engineering2020
71.   Dr.P.BalamuruganMigration and Sustainable Urbanization :The Pandemic Context11.07.2020


S.NoName of the Staff & DesignationName of the Seminar / Workshop / FDP AttendedDate & No. of Days
1G.E. Arunkumar
S. Niruba
Instructional Design and Delivery17.06.2013 to 21.06.2013
2S. BoobathirajaConstruction Demolition Waste Recycling05.08.2013 to 06.08.2013
3K.M. Gopalakrishnan
P. Eswaramoorthi
G. Nithyaprakash
K.S. Devaki
L. Mekala
S. Parameswari
N. Veerasekar

Journal Articles and Thesis Writing12.08.2013
4K.G. Devaki
S. Niruba
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures19.08.2013 to 31.08.2013
5K.M. Gopalakrishnan
K.G. Devaki
P. Eswaramoorthi
K.V. Boobala Krishnan
G. Nithyaprakash
S. Boobathiraja
L. Mekala
S. Parameswari
N. Veerasekar
G.E. Arunkumar
S. Niruba
V. Vinoth
Understanding Gen -Y Students21.08.2013
6S. Boobathiraja
Geotechnical Issues in Coimbatore Region24.08.2013
V. Sampath kumar
GIS Education27.08.2013
8P. Eswaramoorthi
G.E. Arun kumar
Fate of Emerging Contaminants Analysis and Treatment05.10.2013
9N. VeerasekarEffective Teaching Techniques10.10.2013 to 11.10.2013
10K.V. BoobalakrishnanRecent Advances in the Design and Construction of Sustainable Pavement02.11.2013 to 07.11.2013
11N. Veerasekar
L. Mekala
S. Parameswari
Biodiesel: A green fuel from the dross of the Earth11.11.2013
12K.M. GopalakrishnanK.V. Boobala Krishnan
P. Eswaramoorthi
K.V. Boobala Krishnan
S. Boobathiraja
G. Nithyaprakash
S. Niruba
V. Vinoth
Engineering Mechanics15.11.2013 to 16.11.2013
13S. Boobathiraja
G.E. Arun kumar
Urban Transport Systems Planning25.11.2013 to 29.11.2013
14P. Eswaramoorthi
K.V. Boobala Krishnan
S. Niruba
V. Vinoth

Structural Analysis26.11.2013 to 28.11.2013
15K.M. Gopalakrishnan
P. Eswaramoorthi
K.V. Boobalakrishnan
S. Boobathiraja
G. Nithyaprakash
G.E. Arun kumar
S. Niruba
V. Vinoth

Strength of Materials30.11.2013 to 01.12.2013
16P. Eswaramoorthi
S. Boobathiraja
Structural Life Assessment and Failure Diagnosis06.12.2013 to 07.12.2013
17G.E. Arun kumar
V. Vinoth
Applied Hydraulic Engineering09.12.2013 to 16.12.2013
18L. Mekala
S. Parameswari
N. Veersekar
Innovation Green Technologies for Geologic Sequestration Co2 and to Protect Atmosphere07.01.2014 to 08.01.2014
19L. Mekala
N. veerasekar
Quality in Technical Education- Industries Expectations11.01.2014
20L. Mekala
N. veerasekar
Biological Treatment of Waste Innovations Perceptions and Challenges25.02.2014 to 27.02.2014
21P. EswaramoorthiRaising Talented Trends in Engineering27.02.2014
22S. Boobathiraja
P. Balamurugan
Latest Emerging Trends and Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering06.03.2014
23P. Eswaramoorthi
K.V. Boobalakrishnan
G. Nithyaprakash
Civil, Computing and Communication07.03.2014
24N.VeerasekarDesign of Biological Treatment System15.03.2014
25K.V.BoobalakrishnanTechniques for Evaluating Students Performance21.03.2014 to 22.03.2014
26K.M. GopalakrishnanRecent trends in Engineering and Technology22.03.2014
27K.G. DevakiAdvances in Civil and Mechanical Engineering25.03.2014
28G.E. ArunkumarAdvances in Computing, Control, Communication, Automation and Structural Engineering29.03.2014
29K.M. Gopalakrishnan
K.G. Devaki
G.E. Arun kumar
S. Niruba

Prestressed Concrete Structures19.05.2014 to 20.05.2014
30K.M. GopalakrishnanTraining of Evaluation Resource Persons on Outcome24.05.2014 to 26.05.2014
31S. BoobathirajaDynamics of Soil and Foundations26.05.2014 to 31.06.2014
32K.M. Gopalakrishnan
K.G. Devaki
P. Eswaramoorthi
K.V. Boobalakrishnan
G.E. Arunkumar
S. Niruba

Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements30.05.2014 to 01.06.2014
33K.V. Boobalakrishnansoil and concrete13.02.2015
34L. Poovendran,
A.S. Ramya,
C. Rohini
faculty induction24.07.2015
35L. Mekalasustainable technologies for waste to energy10.08.2015 to 14.08.2015
36S. Niruba
R. Sagura
finite element analysis using ansys11.09.2015
37P. Eswaramoorthiresearch, consultancy and extension29.09.2015
38V. Sampath kumar
C. Rohini
Environmental Engineering Instruments and Techniques06.11.2015 to 07.11.2015
39S. Niruba
R. Sagura
A.S. Ramya
environmental engineering7.12.2015 to 14.12.2015
40K.M. GopalakrishnanPromotion of Emotional and Mental Health Among Students Through Teachers16.03.2016
41R. SaguraDesign of reinforced concrete elements02.06.2016 to 08.06.2016
42L. Poovendranmechanics of solids06.06.2016 to 08.06.2016
43K.M. Gopalakrishnancurrent research in engineering and technology12.06.2016
44P. Selvakumarart of writing research papers for high indexed journals23.07.2016
45P. Selvakumarrestoring water quality in the river cauvery and bhavani26.07.2016
46M. Nivetha
M. Abirami
C. Rohini
reinforced masonry and confined masonry technologies for affordable earthquake resistant construction16.09.2016 to 17.09.2016
47D. Sukumarnon destructive testing on concrete structures17.09.2016
48S. Boobathirajasoft soil01.10.2016
49S.SaravananStructural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering09.06.2017 & 16.06.2017
50K.M. Gopalakrishnan
Sustainable Solid Waste Management Technologies for Clean India23.06.2017
Instructional Design and Delivery Systems24.07.207 to29.07.2017
52K.G.DevakiNanotechnology for advancement in transportation engineering03.08.2017 & 04.08.2017
Construction Project Management-Present and Future01.09.2017 & 02.29.2017
Current Trends, Prospects and Challenges of Swachh Bharat14.09.2017 &15.09.2017
Waste Water Management Tenologies & Green Environment20.09.2017
Application of GIS in Water Resource Management21.09.2017
57M.AbiramiWaste Management for Swachh and Smart City22.09.2017
Green Construction Techniques for Climate Resilient Affordable Housing03.10.2017 &04.10.2017
59M.SabariEnvironmental Science and Engineering05.12.2017 to 11.12.2017
Field Surveying using Morden Equipment15.12.2017
61L.Mekalaperformance of musa paradisiaca and oryza sativa in treatment of textile wastewater25.01.2018
Performance of hybrid up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor for the treatment of sugar mill wastewater25.01.2018
63D.KrishnaChallenges & Modern Techniques in Realising Complex Infrastructure05.03.2018
64K.M.GopalakrishnanPerformance of citrus aurantium peel adsorbent in textile wastewater treatment09.03.2018 & 10.03.2018
65S.BoobathirajaDisaster Management and First Aid09.03.2018 & 10.03.2018
66M. AbiramiRemoval of COD from rice mill effluent using rice husk ash09.03.2018 & 10.03.2018
67M.AbiramiThe leachate treatment by using natural coagulants(pink bark and chitosan)09.03.2018 & 10.03.2018
68L. Poovendran
U. Balamurugan
P. Selva kumar
S. Boobathiraja
Disaster Management09.03.2018 & 10.03.2018
69K.M. Gopalakrishnan
Treatment of textile effluent using photo-fenton process in presence of banana peel as an adsorbent23.03.2018 & 24.03.2018
70K.M. GopalakrishnanDesign, Analysis and Estimation of Steel Conveyor Fram05.04.2018 & 06.04.2018
71K. Mohanapriyapartial replacement of natural and waste materials for cement in paver block05.04.2018 & 06.04.2018
72D. KrishnaCharacteristic of sea water and soil contained by oil spills treated with teab05.04.2018 & 06.04.2018
73U.Balamuruganself-compacting concrete by using pet fibre05.04.2018 & 06.04.2018
74S. Boobathirajapartial replacement of cement with hens waste ash05.04.2018 & 06.04.2018
75D. SukumarConcrete Using Copper Slag as a Replacement for Fine Aggregate05.04.2018 & 06.04.2018
76S. RamachandranPolypropylene and Crimped Steel Fiber in Reinforced Concrete Beams05.04.2018 & 06.04.2018
77S. Saravananstrength properties of fibre reinforced concrete using manufactured sand and eco-sand17.04.2018 & 18.04.2018
78V. Gouthamautoclave aerated concrete (AAC) blocks added with superplasticizer17.04.2018 & 18.04.2018
79V. Gouthamsteel dust in concrete17.04.2018 & 18.04.2018
80S. Boobathirajabehaviour of soil under municipal solid waste at komarapalayam dump yard17.04.2018 & 18.04.2018
81S. Boobathirajadeveloping of concrete using sea shell as a coarse aggregate and slag as a fine aggregate17.04.2018 & 18.04.2018
82P.SelvakumarSteel Slag as a partial replacement of M.Sand in fly ash bricks17.04.2018 & 18.04.2018
83D. Krishna
R. Krishnasamy
Advances in Dynamic Transportation system02.07.2018 to 06.07.2018
84D. Krishnacommercial vehicle familiarization25.07.2018
85M. Balajinon-destructive testing techniques06.10.2018
Practical training on geosynthetics and building materials19.11.2018 to 23.11.2018
87D. Krishna
S. Ramachandran
Estimation and quantity surveying19.11.2018 to 23.11.2018
88D. SukumarEntrepreneurship19.11.2018 to 01.12.2018
89M.Divakar KarthickWorkshop on Strength of Materials25.07.2019 to 26.07.2019
90A.Fathima Darras GracyShort term Training program on An integrated Approach of Engineers towards: Water, Food, Energy & Climate Nexas in a Changing world27.05.2019 to 01.06.2019
91A.Fathima Darras GracyWorkshop on Construction and demolition waste in India: Issues, Challenges and Low cost Solutions25.08.2019
92A.Fathima Darras GracyPreconference workshop on Characteristics and Micro Structure Analysis of concrete17.09.2019
93Dr.K.M.GopalakrishnanSoftware Training 20.07.2019
94M.Divakar KarthickHands-on-Training on Material Characterization10.06.2019 to 14.06.2019
95M.BalajiNational Concrete Caneo Challenge05.10.2019 to 06.10.2019
96M.BalajiFaculty Development Program on Analysis and Limit state design of structural steel works as per IS:1893-2016 & IS 800-200713.11.2019 to 26.11.2019
97A.Fathima Darras GracyFaculty Development Program on Structural Elements09.10.2019 to 14.10.2019
98J.Arun prasadFaculty Development Program on Advanced Structural Analysis02.12.2019 to 14.12.2019
99D.KrishnaFaculty Development Program on Enterprenureship02.12.2019 to 14.12.2019
100A.Fathima Darras GracyInternational Conference on Experimental Investigation on concrete by partial replacement of marble powder and bore well sand28.08.2019
101M.PoovizhiselviInternational Conference on Experimental investigation on Concrete on partial replacement of cement by cockle shell28.08.2019
102B.AnukarthikaInternational Conference on Utilization of quarry dust as a partial replacement of fine aggregate in GFR concrete28.08.2019
103J.Arun PrasadInternational Conference on Expanded Polystyrene28.08.2019
104M.Divakar Karthick5th Concrete Research in India on Study on C414.09.2019
105R.KrishnamasamyInternational Conference on Experimental Investigation on Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite pultruded sections and Transmissions line Towers modules21.11.2019 to 22.11.2019
106Ms. A.Fathima Darras GracySeminar on Modern Materials and cutting Edge Technologies in Construction Industry (MMCETCI)08.02.2020
107Ms. A.Fathima Darras gracySeminar on Novelty in Urban Waste Water Management Strategies30.01.2020
108Mr .M.Dhivakar karthickWorkshop on Sustainability and durability of concrete structures with byproduct and recycled materials17.01.2020
109Mr.D.KrishnaFDP on National Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship02-12-2019 to 14-12-2019
110Mr.J.Arun PrasadFDP on Advanced Structural Analysis 02-12-2019
111Mr .M.Dhivakar karthickHands on Training on Hands on Training on "ETABS"22.11.2019
112Mr.M.BalajiFDP on Analysis and limit state design of structural steel works as per IS:1893-2016&IS:800 -200013.11.2019 to
113Mr.M.BalajiWorkshop on National concrete canoe challenge05.10.2019 to
114Mr .M.Dhivakar karthickWork shop on 5th concrete research in india14.09.2019
115Ms.A.Fathima Darras gracyConference on Structural & Geotechnical Engineering17-09-2019
116Mr .J.Arun prasadconference on Experimental study on behavior of steel composite blocks using EPC28.08.2019 to 29.08.2019
117Ms.B.Anukarthikaconference on Utilization of quarry dust as partial replacement of fine aggregate in glass fiber reinforced concrete28.08.2019 to 29.08.2019
118Ms.M.Poovizhiselvi conference on Experimental investigation of concrete on partial replacement of cement cockle shell28.08.2019 to 29.08.2019
119Ms.A.Fathimaq Darras gracyconference on Experimental Investigation on Concrete by Partial Replacement of Marble Powder and Bore Well Sand28.08.2019 to 29.08.2019
120Mr .M.Dhivakar karthickSeminar
(National) on Advanced Micro structure Analyse of concrete and its interpretation
121Fathima Darras GracyNPTEL on Foundation Engineering12 Weeks
122Ms A.Fathima darras gracyTraining program on An integrated approach of engineers towards: water ,food ,energy and climate nexus in a changing world27.05.2019 to 01.06.2019
123Mr .M.Dhivakar karthickWorkshop on Advanced Material Charactersation10.06.2019


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