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Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Program Educational Objectives
  1. To Provide a solid foundation in the mathematics, science and engineering skills to identify, formulate, solve and synthesis engineering problems related to industry and research. (FUNDAMENTALS)
  2. To provide thorough theoretical knowledge to design and conducting experiments in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and control system engineering including interfacing hardware with computer systems as well as interpreting the significance of resulting data. (CORE COMPETENCE)
  • To inculcate to use the industry standard tools to analyze, design, develop and test computer based systems to carry out project works in modern instrumentation and process control engineering. (BREADTH)
  1. To possess a good communication skill with ability to work in multi disciplinary projects collaboratively in groups, lead teams, understand their professional ethical responsibilities and succeed personally by developing their knowledge and skills after graduation. (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES & LIFE LONG LEARNING)

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